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Has The Economy Had Any Effect On Your Life?

Created By: Neal Grosskopf @ 11/11/2008 6:35:29 PM


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What's The Economy?:

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Total Votes: 9


  • Mon. January 12 2009, 3:16:57 PM

    Voted "What's The Economy?" - kind of in between yes and no. It hasn't directly had any major impacts on my life, but at the same time, the effects economy is inescapable, and as such, I can't say that hasn't had any effect at all either. So, count me in as a "maybe".

  • Mon. January 12 2009, 4:17:36 PM

    Ah, I hadn't considered the maybe voters. For the longest time I was in the "no" category but crap has been hitting the fan all around me lately so I'm a strong "yes" now.


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