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Who Are You Voting For?

Created By: Neal Grosskopf @ 10/12/2008 10:40:08 PM

Barack Obama:

 13 Votes

John McCain:

 4 Votes

Third Party:

 2 Votes

Not Voting:

 1 Vote

Total Votes: 20


  • Thu. October 30 2008, 2:29:23 PM

    I'm seriously considering voting for Bob Barr if Obama seems to have enough of a lead in Wisconsin.

  • Thu. October 30 2008, 4:49:03 PM

    I am voting for Bob Barr regardless. I dislike both candidates and I always claim to be a Libertarian.

  • Thu. October 30 2008, 4:50:22 PM

    To quote the Simpson's Halloween episode which I wish I could download from somewhere

    "Kodos: go ahead and waste your vote on a third party"

  • Tue. November 4 2008, 10:12:18 AM

    After considering the comparison of presidential candidates, it looks like Nader is a much closer match to my views and opinions. Apparently Obama has a ~10 point lead in WI, so voting for someone else isn't really going to stop him from winning. I'll be fine with Obama winning (much more so than with McCain winning), but would like to at least support a third party candidate in some meaningful way.


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