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Kate Gr
Posts: 82
Last: 5/31/2007
9/13/2006 8:45:40 PM

Hey my starting yesterday for no reason our computer is hella slow! It took me like 20 minutes to get it to your website. The internet conection is not slow just the regular functions and nothing else is running. I tried to log off Nick's account and into mine and it took like 15 mins. Any suggestions?

Neal Grosskopf
Posts: 213
Last: 7/8/2010
Re: Help!
9/13/2006 9:44:49 PM

Hit control alt delete. Then click Processes. Maybe even sort it by User Name as well then. Is there alot of things running under your account? Are any of them using a lot of memory? (anything over 30,000k?) Write down the ones that are. Then post it on here. You could have some crazy program running in the background on your computer.

Chris Retlich
Posts: 50
Last: 3/23/2009
Re: Help!
9/20/2006 7:28:09 PM

Also sort the processses by their CPU %, anything using more than 50% of your CPU for extended periods of time are probably part of the problem. (to sort them, click on the letters CPU at the top of the list of processes)

Re: Help!
5/29/2024 3:39:02 PM

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