Hey there, this site is pretty old now. I've decided to leave it up as I put a lot of work into it and would hate to see it disappear.

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Chris Retlich
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7/4/2006 9:21:25 PM

Hey, your page on PageBuildr sucks!!!!!!!111!!!one!!!1 Just kidding, but have a look at mine: here. I took your page, tweaked the CSS a bunch, and enlarged the IFrame (works in FF, haven't tried IE). Put whatever URL in there you want, and voila! Can we upload HTML files with the file browser?? think not, otherwise it'd be a really great hack. I think you might actually be able to upload an HTML page with the extension changed to jpg or whatever, and then have the IFrame source and content-type or mime-type set to text/html. Maybe I'll try that later. Well, see ya.

Re: PageBuildr
5/29/2024 4:58:27 PM

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