Hey there, this site is pretty old now. I've decided to leave it up as I put a lot of work into it and would hate to see it disappear.

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Chris Retlich
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Last: 3/23/2009
Sorting Order
4/5/2006 4:41:08 PM

Maybe you could have a few buttons for the sorting order on the message board, i.e. show only the main threads, sort by date (oldest first/newest first), most replies, least replies, and anything else you can think of. Think that's a good idea?

Neal Grosskopf
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Last: 7/8/2010
Re: Sorting Order
4/5/2006 6:13:58 PM

I have that on the things to do. I had pagination in the things to do as well so it was whichever of the two I managed to figure out how to do first.

Re: Sorting Order
5/29/2024 4:25:54 PM

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