Hey there, this site is pretty old now. I've decided to leave it up as I put a lot of work into it and would hate to see it disappear.

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Kate Gr
Posts: 82
Last: 5/31/2007
Lakeland's Website
2/15/2006 9:46:31 PM

Hey, I clicked on the link to Lakeland's website from the map thing you have and nothing on their website loads. Man, someone should have a chat with their web person!

Neal Grosskopf
Posts: 213
Last: 7/8/2010
Re: Lakeland's Website
2/15/2006 10:19:01 PM

Hmm, did you click on the think to my website? Did that link work? Also on the Lakeland page it take a good 10 seconds to load on some computers. Did you wait long enough for it to load. Also did any sort of error pop up? I've tried the page in several scenarios and it worked. Most likely your computer is not up to date on its software required for the internet...cough cough java script.

Re: Lakeland's Website
5/29/2024 4:11:41 PM

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