Yin & Yang

Well it's been 9 months, 15 days since my last blog post. At lot has transpired since then. As you may recall, I was lamenting on my dating experiences at the time. Ironically it would be only 3 days after I wrote that post that I would meet the girl whom I've been with for the last 9 months, 12 days. I guess sometimes you need to give up, before you get what you want.

It all started when I joined the dating site OkCupid. I had originally discovered the site a long time ago due to their awesome blog, filled with demographic stats. It turns out it isn't a case of there not being enough fish in the sea, but that I was fishing in the wrong sea! On Match.com there wasn't anything I could do to get girls to communicate with me. On OkCupid, it was the complete opposite. The site primarily revolves around answering survey questions which then tries to match you to others who answered the same questions.

CatEyeGlasses85 & Guitar_Guy_85

I had communicated with a couple people and then I noticed a girl named CatEyeGlasses85 kept viewing my profile, so I decided to check her out. I found that we were close to a 95% match on the site. She was also into the same music, movies and interests as me. So I sent her a message -

The song Sick Boy was written about me


So, 'Sick Boy' was written about you, huh?


Well...no but I do have two versions of the song in my music library if that helps :P


That does help! I adore Social D.


As you can see, we started off right away with something we both like. Punk music. Hanna's a generation behind me so I frequently find songs I like that were originally done by bands of her era. As you can see it all started with these songs -

Social Distortion - Sick Boy

MxPx - Sick Boy

Life Without Opposition

My relationship with Hanna has been different than every other one I've been it. It's been without opposition. It's been without an opposite. While I've dated girls who we both shared some things in common, it was never anything substantial. With Hanna, whenever there's a decision to make, we always have the same answer as one another.

For example:

  • What do you want to watch on TV? (answer, the same thing! Dexter!)
  • Where do you want to eat tonight? (answer, the same place! Fratellos!)
  • Do you want to go see Mustard Plug in Milwaukee with me? (answer, Yes!)

More in common, more things to do

I've found that because our personalities match so well, it makes doing things together a lot easier! In the last 9 months, 12 days here's just some of the things we've done -





In Conclusion

Be picky, and look for people who share things in common with you, especially the things that you enjoy the most. It makes everything much easier and the two of you much happier.